Accelerating Growth in Pleasanton ISD for Migrant, ESL, and Special Education Students

Posted by Guido Areces on Jun 17, 2019 2:52:08 PM

Pleasanton ISD is a rural school district located south of San Antonio in Pleasanton, Texas. Pleasanton ISD serves students in a ranching and small business area and supports a large number of low-income families. The district chose to partner with FEV Tutor to help drive gains on the STAAR assessments and bridge skill-gaps for Special Education, ESL, and Migrant students. Historically, special student populations at Pleasanton ISD had performed below the state average on STAAR Assessments.

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Driving Growth at Children of Promise Preparatory Academy

Posted by Aline Chaprazian on Jun 17, 2019 2:51:52 PM

Children of Promise Preparatory Academy is a public charter school located in Inglewood, California. COPPA serves a high low-income student population (93%), and a majority of students are considered at-risk due to low-income status and low performance on benchmark and state assessments. In January 2018, the school partnered with FEV Tutor to help at-risk students bridge skill-gaps in both Math and ELA.

In 2017, Children of Promise Preparatory Academy performed better than only 0.6% of elementary schools in California. COPPA needed to get students additional supports to keep them on track to fulfill California A-G Requirements and place them on a College and Career Ready path.

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North Carolina Virtual Academy EOC & EOG Test Prep

Posted by Guido Areces on Jun 17, 2019 2:51:25 PM

North Carolina Virtual Academy (NCVA), a statewide online public charter school, had an urgent need to improve proficiency on state assessments after receiving a D School Performance Grade from the state. NCVA’s biggest deficits were in Math and needed an intervention to have an immediate impact on student performance.

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Intervention for At-Risk Students: Accelerating Growth in Fulton County (GA)

Posted by Guido Areces on Jun 12, 2019 9:51:42 AM

Fulton County Schools (FCS) is a diverse urban district located in the Atlanta Metropolitan Area with a designated ‘Achievement Zone’ serving a high At-Risk (Title I) student population. Students in the Achievement Zone, including Love T. Nolan Elementary School, historically struggle in Math and ELA and with the changing rigor of Georgia Standards of Excellence (GSE) and Milestone Assessments, students throughout the Achievement Zone were falling behind.

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