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How FEV Tutor's Live 1:1 Instruction Can Support Your Teachers During School Closures


As school shutdowns persist, teachers are striving to find a balance between supporting their students virtually, planning lessons while navigating new technologies, and managing their own families and personal lives. Now schools have had some time to transition their students and teachers to remote learning, but that brings a new element to structuring the classroom and keeping students engaged. A teacher's schedule is hectic under normal circumstances, and while we believe educators are superheroes, it's a challenging time for everyone.

Extension of YOUR Teachers: Leveraging 1:1 Online Tutoring for After Hours Support

At FEV Tutor, empowering teachers during this time by taking some stress and burden off their plate is one of our highest priorities. We have had much success supporting students through distance learning and want to continue promoting academic achievement with our Live 1:1 Online Intervention. FEV Tutor offers more than just a tutoring session; the programs are an extension of the classroom teacher themselves. Our live tutors, (all former educators) cover after-hours, engage with families, and send valuable progress monitoring data back to the teacher to inform future instruction and provide some much-needed assistance.


Gauging students' academic growth and trying to create lessons to match scholastic levels while distance learning can be hard to manage. One of FEV Tutor's most valuable characteristics is the weekly reporting feature (done via email), giving teachers and administrators detailed data on students' progress, helping to shape lessons that will have the most significant impact on the highest number of students.

Previously, the school day had a definitive end time, but under current circumstances, that seems to be a distant memory. As we're all getting accustomed to new and fluctuating schedules, FEV Tutor can help teachers get their nights back by acting as a continuation of the classroom after-hours. Our Family and Student Engagement team acts as an extension of your organization, offering 24/7 academic consultation, enrollment, scheduling, technical support, and is a vital link between parents and educators while distance learning. Our programs are data-driven, state-specific, and differentiated for each learner.

Family & Student Engagement Team-2

Remote learning programs have become essential for any chance of keeping learners on track for catching students up in the following academic year. We know that teachers are under significant strain navigating new education technology platforms, but FEV Tutor can easily align with teachers' content in many ways including connecting to their existing Google Classroom account.

Getting Set-Up with FEV Tutor:

FEV Tutor has developed a quick and basic set-up process, beginning with gathering a little information. After collecting student/family rosters and some benchmark data, we offer a 1-hour zoom training for teachers and education leaders, which is available at any time that works for them. Then it's time to launch! Finally, at FEV Tutor, we are committed to ongoing research for program and product improvement and are a Level 2 ESSA Evidence-Based Intervention. We've had much success and experience supporting full-time online and blended learning students over the years, and we hope we can help!

Educator Feedback:

“I wanted to let you know that the Distance Learning Weekly Communication Log shared by FEV Tutor is fantastic!  We have bi-weekly Leadership meetings with administration and this is perfect for the data that I need to share with them. I also wanted to thank you again for all the work your team has put into assisting our school with using FEV Tutoring as part of our Distance Learning.”

-Janie Friedl, Sunnymead MS, MVUSD

Want to learn more about FEV Tutor's At-Home Learning Model? 

Connect with us to learn more about how we can support your teachers and students during school and district closures and provide after-hours support to continue to promote academic achievement.

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