Leveraging ELO-P Funding for 1:1 Tutoring Programs


In an education landscape increasingly impaired by inadequate resources, the Expanded Learning Opportunities Program (ELO-P) represents a unique opportunity. The state-level funding provides resources for schools and districts to implement innovative educational strategies beyond the standard curriculum — and many district leaders are using this as an opportunity to deliver high-impact tutoring programs to their students. 

What is high-impact tutoring? 

Research has identified that the most effective tutoring programs share a set of key traits. Therefore, high-impact tutoring (HIT) is not a specific type of tutoring. Rather, it is a classification given to tutoring programs that share those traits.

HIT programs share these key model elements that have been proven to accelerate student learning: 

  • Sessions last at least 30 minutes and occur three times a week
  • Strong, consistent relationship between student and tutor
  • Alignment with the classroom curriculum
  • Progress monitoring of student’s knowledge and skills, based on data
  • Continued oversight and coaching of tutors

Many forms of tutoring can be high-impact. Differences across schools may lead to different "best" choices for programs, but if the key characteristics remain in place, each program is likely to yield results.

In fact, high-impact tutoring is the only form of academic intervention shown to be 20 times more effective than standard tutoring models for math and 15 times more effective for reading.

Turning ELO-P Funding Into Student Outcomes

You can use your ELO-P funding to bring live 1:1 high-impact tutoring to your students through FEV Tutor’s platform. Here’s how:


Districts can fund FEV Tutors programs through various sources, including ELO-P, parent-paid options, subsidized funding, and district budgets. This flexibility allows districts or schools to implement and tutoring programs without a negative financial impact.


Our curriculum experts create personalized tutoring plans for each individual student based on CAASPP Scores, focus areas, and the Common Core State Standards (CCSS). Students work individually with their own professional tutor, with the recommendation of 2-3 lessons per week, aligning with California's high-tested standards. They'll use a synchronous two-way whiteboard to receive after-school enrichment in the form of live, targeted intervention. 

Reporting & Insights

FEV Tutor integrates with solutions leaders like NWEA MAP, iReady and STAR to leverage important benchmark assessment data that informs each student’s individualized learning plans. And districts can access student outcomes data and performance metrics through powerful, real-time dashboards and reporting so they can track outcomes against benchmarks and make data-driven decisions quickly and easily — whether you're a district leader, a school admin, or a teacher.

California Statewide Impact

California Statewide Impact - Banner (10)

FEV Tutor has made significant strides across California, impacting students in various districts. Two notable examples are the successes observed in Los Banos and Moreno Valley USD, where FEV Tutor’s targeted tutoring and test preparation have yielded impressive results. 

District Spotlight District A

This targeted intervention not only prepares students for CAASPP but also equips them with essential skills for academic success with the extension of after-school tutoring. 

Ready to bring live, personalized tutoring to your students and make the most of ELO-P funding?

District leaders looking to maximize ELO-P funding and enhance their learning programs with live 1:1 tutoring can schedule a call with our team to learn more!

By integrating FEV Tutor’s virtual tutoring platform, districts can provide their students with the knowledge they need to succeed in their academic journey, ensuring they are well-prepared for CAASPP and beyond.