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Announcing FEV Tutor's Partnership with NWEA


FEV Tutor is pleased to announce our partnership with NWEA, the leading not-for profit provider of cutting-edge assessment solutions. We have partnered to help school districts use MAP Growth assessment results to personalize instruction and intervention for each student through 1:1, live online tutoring solutions. 

Personalized Learning Paths Informed by MAP Growth Results

Through the partnership, FEV Tutor collaborates with curriculum and instruction specialists and classroom teachers to review each student’s MAP Growth results, or RIT scores, to create a learning path specifically designed to meet each student’s individual needs with standards aligned lessons that will help close learning gaps. The customized tutoring is structured to complement and enhance classroom instruction and activities to accelerate student learning.

Image: MAP GrowthWhy MAP Growth?

MAP Growth provides the most precise measure of a K-12 student’s academic achievement and growth. A computer-adaptive assessment, it adjusts to each student’s responses to provide personalized results about what each student knows, is able to do, and is ready to learn next—whether on, above, or below grade level. MAP Growth is used by more than 11 million students at over 9,500 schools and districts within the U.S. and internationally.

Through partnerships with the industry’s most extensive array of curriculum and instructional providers, teachers have the flexibility to use MAP Growth results with their current curricula and instructional tools. Teachers receive immediate and actionable information in easy-to-use reports to help differentiate instruction for students in need of remediation and those high performers requiring additional enrichment. Because MAP Growth tracks individual student growth over time, it can help predict each student’s proficiency and college readiness.

Image: NWEA CEO Chris Minnich“The learning challenges and learning aptitudes of each child are unique, so tailoring instruction is the most effective way to overcome the former and cultivate the latter.  We are confident that by using MAP Growth results to guide FEV Tutor’s instruction, students will experience greater achievement and learning rewards.”

- Chris Minnich, CEO of NWEA

Live Instruction Connected to MAP Growth

With FEV Tutor, students meet 1:1 with their own professional tutor from any computer or tablet with an Internet connection to work in real-time on identified learning strands. Each tutoring session captures formative assessment data to enable FEV’s education team to continually work with the teacher to further customize the tutoring on an ongoing basis, ensuring each student remains on the most optimal learning path. FEV Tutor has also incorporated functionalities that allow for primary language support for EL students in order to give all students equal access.

Image: Sr. Vice President FEV Tutor “This partnership is a true game-changer. For the first time, K-12’s leading growth assessment is being paired with live, 1-to-1 instruction for all students. When our tutors use MAP Growth RIT scores to personalize and adapt tutoring, we can ensure students are grasping learning objectives, achieving growth, and increasing their performance on assessments.”

- Ryan Patenaude, Sr. Vice President & Co-Founder FEV Tutor

Download the Joint Press Release Announcing the Partnership Below:

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Learn how your district can deliver 1:1 tutoring informed by NWEA MAP

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