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North Carolina Virtual Academy EOC & EOG Test Prep


North Carolina Virtual Academy (NCVA), a statewide online public charter school, had an urgent need to improve proficiency on state assessments after receiving a D School Performance Grade from the state. NCVA’s biggest deficits were in Math and needed an intervention to have an immediate impact on student performance.


FEV Tutor worked collaboratively with NCVA school leadership to customize an online tutoring program to meet the needs of their growing Title 1 school. To make the greatest impact, NCVA identified Tier 2 Response to Intervention and “Bubble” students on the brink of proficiency in online tutoring.

NCVA shared results from individual student’s North Carolina End of Grade and End of Course Tests so that our Academic Team could create Personalized Tutoring Plans for each student. FEV’s Family & Student Engagement team connected with families to create customized tutoring schedules to meet the needs of NCVA’s homebound student population.

Students were able to schedule tutoring seven days a week and worked with tutors on targeted EOC and EOG Power standards in the months leading up to their state assessment.


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Students participated in tutoring for one semester, from January  to May 2018. After one semester, students who participated in tutoring showed an increased passing rate (number of students who scored Level 3 through Level 5) on the Math EOC & EOG Tests compared to students who did not participate in tutoring. Students who participated in the recommended dosage of 15 or more tutoring hours saw the greatest gains with a +24% passing rate.

NCVA was pleased to share after one semester, EOC/EOG Assessment scores moved up for students who participated in tutoring which resulted in the school’s overall assessment average to increase and improve their grade with the state. The tutoring program expanded in the 2018-2019 Academic Year and FEV Tutor will be supporting students in both Math and English Language Arts.

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