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Driving Growth at Children of Promise Preparatory Academy


Children of Promise Preparatory Academy is a public charter school located in Inglewood, California. COPPA serves a high low-income student population (93%), and a majority of students are considered at-risk due to low-income status and low performance on benchmark and state assessments. In January 2018, the school partnered with FEV Tutor to help at-risk students bridge skill-gaps in both Math and ELA.

In 2017, Children of Promise Preparatory Academy performed better than only 0.6% of elementary schools in California. COPPA needed to get students additional supports to keep them on track to fulfill California A-G Requirements and place them on a College and Career Ready path.


FEV Tutor worked with stakeholders at each middle school to create a customized tutoring program. Tutoring was delivered at the middle school level during the school day or in an after-school setting.

MVUSD shared students’ Fall NWEA MAP Growth scores so that the FEV data team could analyze and identify students that would benefit most from live, 1:1 tutoring and to create Personalized Tutoring Plans for individual students. Tutoring Plans were based on RIT Scores, focus areas, and projected growth goals.


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FEV Tutor worked with Children of Promise leadership to complete an NWEA MAP Growth Analysis to measure student growth. At the end of the 2017-2018 Academic Year, COPPA had performed better than 4.9% of elementary schools in California as compared to 0.6% the previous year.

NWEA MAP Growth 2017-2018
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After one semester of tutoring, 71% of FEV Tutor participants met or exceeded their Winter to Spring MAP Growth goals in Math compared to 53% of students who did not participate.

NWEA MAP Growth 2018-2019
In the Fall of 2018, Children of Promise continued to support students in grades 6-8 with targeted online tutoring intervention during the school day. After one academic year of tutoring, 74% of students who participated in the recommended 20+ sessions of tutoring met or exceeded their End of Year Growth Goals as compared to 38% of students who tutored in less than 10 sessions.

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