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Boosting Proficiency at PA Cyber


The Pennsylvania Cyber Charter School is one of the largest online public schools in the nation. The school chose FEV Tutor as an approved tutoring provider to support students in Grades 3-12 with coursework completion and preparation for Spring PSSA assessments.

As a Title I School, PA Cyber’s academic goals included boosting proficiency rates on PSSA Assessments for low-performing students, improving graduation rates, and increasing student participation in supplemental tutoring support.


Administrators at PA Cyber met with FEV Tutor’s Academic Team to identify a cohort of low-performing students in Math and ELA.

PA Cyber leaders shared recent PSSA assessment data and iReady scores so that the FEV Data Team could analyze and identify students that would benefit most from live, 1:1 tutoring and create Personalized Tutoring Plans for individual students. Tutoring Plans were based on iReady goals and aligned to the PSSA Blueprint. All students in Grades 3-12 also had access to online tutoring support to receive support with completing assignments and bridging skill-gaps.


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FEV Tutor worked with PA school leadership to complete a growth analysis utilizing Spring 2018 and Spring 2019 assessment data.

Overall Growth: The percentage of students achieving Basic or Above on the Spring PSSA grew by 4% for PA Cyber students overall from Spring 2018-Spring 2019

At-Risk Cohort: The percentage of students participating in the recommended dosage of 10+ tutoring sessions grew by 14% from Spring 2018-Spring 2019

Student Participation: Tutoring participation from 2017-2018 grew by 247% in Math and ELA due to the FEV Tutor Family and Student Engagement Team’s close work with PA Cyber leadership and families to engage students in 1:1 support

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The percentage of students scoring Basic or Above from Spring 2018 - Spring 2019 decreased by 3% for the target cohort that did not participate in the recommended dosage of tutoring.

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