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Boosting Proficiency in Baltimore City Public Schools


Baltimore City Public Schools (BCPSS) is an urban Title I district serving a high At-Risk student population with 84% of students from low-income families. With the changing rigor of Maryland’s College and Career-Ready Standards, students in the district were falling behind.

Community Learning Network #6 (CLN-6) led by Dr. Mark King aimed to accelerate learning outcomes and boost proficiency rates on the Spring 2019 PARCC Assessments while placing CLN-6 students on a College and Career Ready path.


FEV Tutor worked with Instructional Leaders at seven schools within CLN-6 to create customized tutoring models to drive achievement gains in Math and ELA. Tutoring was delivered on-site during the school day and after school.

BCPSS shared students’ iReady benchmark data for FEV Tutor to analyze and identify students that would benefit most from live, 1:1 tutoring and create Personalized Tutoring Plans for individual students. In Year 1 of partnership, the 2018-19 Academic Year, 330 CLN-6 students participated in 2,584 hours of live 1:1 instruction.



FEV Tutor collaborated with BCPSS’ Achievement & Accountability Office on a Spring 2019 PARCC Growth Analysis. Math and ELA PARCC Results were analyzed across seven participating schools. Results show a direct correlation between participation in FEV Tutor and elevated PARCC performance.

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