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Partner Spotlight: Supporting BCPSS Students During District Closure



Live 1:1 At-Home Instruction During COVID-19 Closures

Baltimore City Public School System (BCPSS) is an inner-city district with nearly 100% of students on free/reduced lunch, and a high number of homeless/transient students. The district is continually working to provide quality education while handling various external factors, most recently being school closures. To keep their students academically engaged, many BCPSS Schools are incorporating Live 1:1 Online Tutoring into their remote learning plans.

About Baltimore City Public Schools: 

BCPSS is a diverse Title I school district serving a sizable at-risk community. Much like how every student is unique, each BCPSS school has distinct academic needs to best support their students and teachers. FEV Tutor offers BCPSS the tools and malleability to personalize instruction and engage with learners during school closures.

Program Model
Program Model 1 (1)

Many of the BCPSS schools are making use of our Family and Student Engagement Team to encourage academic growth while remote learning. FEV Tutor and BCPSS have a long relationship punctuated by past success in accelerating learning outcomes. 

Learning Must Continue

The dedicated educators at BCPSS do everything they can to give students the tools they need to be successful, but are often up against many external challenges to keep students on track, especially as students get older. Since district closure, the schools continue to address these issues while also coming up with solutions for students without access to technology or WiFi. Through collaboration and strategic outreach, BCPSS and FEV Tutor were able to provide students the support they needed. 

Educator Feedback:

“FEV Tutor is serving as a catalyst for our school and community’s remote learning plans. Prior to the COVID19 Pandemic, FEV Tutor was serving 65 identified students in affirming their ELA and Mathematics skills three times per week. When FEV reached out to us to offer supports to ALL of our students, during the COVID19 closure, we were astounded and relieved. Not only have they worked to enrich learning, but their team has also been amazing in their outreach to our families. We believe that by connecting students with live 1-to-1 instruction, we can boost overall student engagement and learning. This partnership is also a favorable look at our families as a demonstration of how BCPS and Calverton continue to offer differentiation and individualized supports at this time. We are grateful for this partnership.”

- Martia Cooper
Principal, Calverton Elementary/Middle School, Baltimore City Public Schools

Student Feedback:

  • "today was good. it was a lot of fun working on variables, coefficent, and terms." – 6th Grade Student
  • "I learned a lot and now I understand a lot more things" – 6th Grade Student
  • "Honestly, the same as always, Perfect! The tutor is kind, understanding, and really help me understand! :) I feel like we did a lot today! :D" – 7th Grade Student

BCPSS Schools with Active At-Home Tutoring Programs
Solid At-Home Instruction
Cherry Hill EMS The Historic Samuel Coleridge ES Lockerman Bundy ES
Hazlewood EMS Eutaw-Marshburn ES Booker T. Washington MS
Sandtown-Winchester EMS Calverton EMS Renaissance Academy
James Mosher ES Harlem Park EMS Furman L Templeton Preparatory Academy
Alexander Hamilton ES Robert W. Coleman ES And More!


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