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FEV Tutor Earns LTI Advantage and OneRoster Certifications from IMS Global


FEV Tutor, the most comprehensive virtual tutoring solution in K-12, has earned the LTI® Advantage certification and OneRoster® 1.1 certification from IMS Global Learning Consortium.

FEV Tutor’s engaging, 1:1 online tutoring platform provides live academic instruction and support to students 24/7. The new certifications from IMS Global demonstrate FEV Tutor’s commitment to working with districts and schools to develop effective strategies and tutoring programs that operate as a natural extension of their learning environment.

Learning Tools Interoperability® (LTI) is an ed-tech standard for connecting learning tools to learning platforms. LTI Advantage provides a standardized approach that allows tools and platforms to deliver a robust integration with a consistent user experience across many platforms.

OneRoster 1.1 allows schools to exchange roster information, course materials, and grades securely and reliably between systems. It supports the commonly used .csv mode for exchange and the latest real-time web services mode known as REST.

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“To streamline operations, K-12 schools and districts need solutions that will easily connect with their existing systems,” said Daniel Herbert, vice president of innovation and growth for FEV Tutor. “The certifications from IMS Global enable FEV Tutor to offer improved interoperability between our tutoring platform and the systems educators regularly use to track and manage student data, from student information systems to assessment platforms. With these integrations, educators can easily navigate and securely exchange information between FEV Tutor and their systems, and implement customized tutoring programs that ensure the most impactful learning outcomes.

About IMS Global Learning Consortium 

IMS Global Learning Consortium (IMS Global/IMS) is a highly effective, nonprofit member organization committed to advancing technology that can affordably scale and improve educational participation and attainment. To ensure that the “Learning Impact” of technology-enabled innovation is achieved worldwide, IMS Global’s influential community of educational institutions, suppliers, and government organizations develops open interoperability standards, supports adoption with implementation resources, and encourages adoption through programs that highlight effective practices. For more information on IMS Global, visit imsglobal.org or follow on Twitter.

About FEV Tutor

Based in Boston, FEV Tutor is the leading Level 2 ESSA research and evidence-based online tutoring platform working nationally to effect change in K-12 education. Its intervention programs are strategically designed in close collaboration with each partner school, district, charter school, and other organizations to accelerate learning for every student. FEV Tutor leverages technology to deliver 1:1 high-impact and transformative personalized learning pathways through live, virtual tutoring sessions. For more information on FEV Tutor, visit fevtutor.com or follow on Twitter.