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Partner Spotlight: Garfield Middle School's Transition to At-Home Tutoring While Remote Learning



Live 1:1 At-Home Instruction During COVID-19 Closures

Garfield Middle School (GMS), located just outside of Boston, MA, is a diverse public-school serving grades 6-8, with 84% of students from Low-Income Families. To keep their pupils academically engaged during district closure, GMS School Leadership worked with FEV Tutor to transition intervention models and incorporate At-Home, Live 1:1 Online Tutoring schoolwide into their remote learning plans.

About Garfield Middle School: 

Garfield Middle School is part of the urban, Title 1 District Revere Public Schools serving a demographically varied student population. Previously, GMS was using FEV Tutor as an aid during the school day to boost skills in Math and English. Since school closures took effect across the state, academic leadership worked with FEV Tutor to transition over to a school-wide At-Home Intervention model from March through the remainder of the 2019-2020 Academic Year to provide students with additional academic support while distance learning.

Program Model
GMS Program Model 1

FEV Tutor offers GMS students, families, and administrators 24/7 access to virtual instruction and support powered by our Family and Student Engagement Team. Many schools around the country have launched At-Home Tutoring initiatives, and FEV Tutor is here for schools and districts in need of quality instruction and prompt implementation. FEV Tutor and Garfield Middle School's partnership has supporting at-risk students at the heart of the program's initiatives. The weekly reporting feature has supported GMS educators and administrators by equipping them with valuable information on their learners and keeps everyone in the loop with students' academic progress.

Educator Feedback: 

"With our partnership with FEV Tutor, Garfield Middle School has been able to provide targeted 1-to-1 academic interventions for some of our most at-risk student populations. FEV Tutor's robust reporting functionality has supported classroom teachers by providing them with valuable student data aligned to content standards in ELA, Math, Science, and Social Studies. Feedback from teachers, students, and parents has been overwhelmingly positive as they are appreciative of the individualized support. We couldn't have been more pleased with the supports FEV has provided our students during our closure for COVID-19."

- Tyler Arlington Assistant Principal, Garfield Middle School, Revere Public Schools

Student Feedback: 

  • “The tutor was nice and supportive and helped me deeply understand the topic.”
  • “Very informative and it helped me understand more about galaxies and the solar system”
  • “She was absolutely amazing, super nice and helped a lot !!”

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