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Partner Spotlight: Moreno Valley USD's At-Home Tutoring While Remote Learning


Live 1:1 At-Home Instruction During COVID-19 Closures

Moreno Valley USD (MVUSD) is a diverse, Title I District located in the San Bernadino-Riverside Metro Area of California. Many schools in California have incorporated Live 1:1 Online Tutoring while remote learning, and numerous MVUSD schools have launched At-Home Tutoring initiatives powered by FEV Tutor's Live, 1:1 Online Instruction. 

Live 1:1 At-Home Instruction: 

Moreno Valley USD's Superintendent Dr. Martinrex Kedziora first implemented FEV Tutor's innovative intervention in the 2016-2017 Academic Year, and that partnership has continued to grow. Since school closures took effect, many MVUSD schools have transitioned to an At-Home Tutoring Model and FEV Tutor is here to support their remote learning initiatives. 

Program Model
Moreno Valley UDS Program Model (1)

FEV Tutor offers MVUSD students, families, and administrators 24/7 access to virtual instruction and support powered by our Family and Student Engagement Team. FEV Tutor and Moreno Valley USD's partnership has always had supporting at-risk students at the center of the program's intentions, and that's never been more true than now. The weekly reporting feature equips educators with valuable information on their students and keeps everyone informed on academic progress.

MVUSD Schools with Active At-Home Tutoring Programs

Seneca Elementary SchoolMidland ElementaryCanyon SpringsValley ViewPatriotsLandmark KnightsVista Heights Middle SchoolPalm Middle School-2PUMABadger

Educator Feedback: 

“The students are engaged with the tutors, who would help them step by step if a student did not understand the topic. I like that the topics are at the student’s level!”

- 8th Grade Teacher

Student Feedback: 

  • “My tutor helped me through all problems and motivated me to do better and I am thankful for that experience”
  • “I learned how to divide in different ways!”
  • “She is helpful in helping me master a topic.”
  • “My tutor was polite and offered great feedback in the sessions. She explained what she was teaching me really well and always answered my questions.”

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