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Family & Student Engagement


While there are many options available to schools and districts to provide students supplemental tutoring support, few companies are able to offer the same level of Parent Involvement that FEV Tutor delivers our partners. We understand that by including parents, students, and teachers in the planning process and keeping all parties informed throughout the student's journey, FEV can deliver impactful virtual tutoring solutions that make a tangible difference on student achievement.


Closing the Circle on Engagement  closing-the-circle.png

Our Family & Student Engagement Coordinators play a critical role in the success of our virtual tutoring programs. This team proactively communicates with students, parents, and teachers to keep all parties on the same page.

Teachers and administrators are able to provide continuous feedback and observations from the classroom, notify us of any changes in curriculum, and provide any additional real-time updates to help our tutors better align tutoring to the student's core learning environment. Parents and families can also provide academic input, notify FEV of their child's preferred learning style and academic goals, and work hand-in-hand with Engagement Coordinators to develop a tutoring schedule that best suites their child. This ongoing, open dialogue allows FEV to continually mold our services to better fit each child's learning needs so that students get the most out of the tutoring program. 

FEV's Family & Student Engagement team represents a personal touch point for students, parents, and teachers to not only keep everyone informed on student progress, but to help connect all stakeholders. When all stakeholders are working together the student is set up for success and is more likely to achieve his or her academic goals.

Inside the Family & Student Engagement Team

Our Engagement Coordinators become familiar with the needs of individual students and families and take pride in their role in guiding students down a path towards academic success. We asked Phillip Jackson, one of our most experienced Engagement Coordinators, what it is like working with families day-in and day-out to help customize our tutoring programs. We think his quote does a great job of summarizing the value this team brings to our school and district partners:

PJ-Circle.png"I believe in FEV Tutor and enjoy working with parents and students to make sure that they are getting the most out of our tutoring services. I like the rapport I build with these families over the course of the year, you start building a line of communication and a personal relationship. Parents want the best for their child, and I want the best for the student, it really makes you want to go the extra mile to make sure tutoring is a positive and beneficial experience. Families get to know you by name as we work together to customize the tutoring to best fit their child's needs. It is a really rewarding experience, especially at the end of the year when you hear feedback from parents and you can just hear the joy in their voice when they tell you that their student did well and FEV's tutoring is really what helped a child to graduate, pass their state exam, or fulfill another academic goal."

--Phillip Jackson, Student & Family Engagement Coordinator

 Want to Learn More?

If you are interested in learning how FEV Tutor's Family & Student Engagement team works with our school and district partners to enroll students in tutoring, foster usage, and completely personalize our service for every student's unique needs, download this one page handout for additional information:

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