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Live Virtual Proctoring: k12 School Districts (FEV Proctor)

FEV now partnering with k12 School Districts to deliver Live Virtual Proctoring Services


Our partner school districts are routinely citing ‘unfinished learning’ and widening gaps stemming from the pandemic. K-12 education leaders broadly concur that any instructional strategy to address unfinished learning should start with a clear and accurate assessment of student achievement.

The question facing many school districts now is how do we effectively administer purposeful assessments at the end of a challenging school year amidst a myriad of spring and summer hybrid learning models and align with varying state standardized testing requirements across the country?

Why FEV Proctor?

  1. It Saves Teacher Time!
    FEV handles the test proctoring, which frees teachers up to recharge and focus on instruction. 
  2. Integrates with K12 School District Academic Ecosystems
    FEV has direct integrations and data connections built with existing benchmark assessment platforms (NWEA MAP, STAR-360, iReady, and Others)
    Automated Rostering and Single-Sign-On (SSO) through Clever, ClassLink, or Google Classroom
  3. Parent, Student & Teacher Engagement
    FEV powers its proctoring programs with a Family & Student Engagement Team for awareness building, scheduling, and 24/7 support while providing all key stakeholders, including Teachers and Administrators, with access to real-time data & reporting for progress monitoring. 
  4. Timely and Accurate Assessment Data
    Provides educators with meaningful assessment data to inform instructional strategies headed into the new school year.

To learn more and explore what a partnership with the FEV Proctor Team could look like at your school district, contact edu@fevtutor.com.