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FEV Tutor Returns to In-Person National Events



FEV Tutor is thrilled by the opportunity to return to in-person national events in 2022. We are back in action meeting with incredibly passionate educators across the Nation at events surrounding important topics in the education sector. 

We have had the marvelous chance to attend DLAC, ESEA, ERDI, and NAFEPA among a handful of others. 


The DLAC conference could not have been more apropos of the times–the COVID-19 pandemic has forced school closures, led to teacher burnout, and student learning gaps. DLAC brought together the best and brightest educational tech companies and solutions providers seeking to elevate student learning outcomes via virtual classrooms, tutoring services, and more. All the exhibitors and attendees shared the same desire: to see students accelerate their learning outcomes. It was truly a pleasure to see the facilitators of this esteemed event were practicing what educators preach: accommodating everyone, practicing self-care, and providing a welcoming environment for all. Jerold Bryant, one of our Partnership Executives comments that “DLAC is an excellent event with many prospects that support alternative solutions.

The national ESEA conference focuses on federal education programs under the Elementary and Secondary Education Act and brings together state and federal program administrators. The event included over 130 sessions on a plethora of educational topics as well as five outstanding keynote speakers. FEV Tutor has created a vlog that will transport the viewer back to ESEA 2022. In summation, here is a quote from our FEV team member, Isabella Cigna: “ESEA was a fantastic event to jump back into conferences with! If nothing else, it was awesome to finally connect with educators face-to-face again and hear about their on-the-ground challenges and successes. New Orleans was an incredible city and I found that the community ESEA fostered was one of innovation, motivation, and excitement for the future!


The Education Research and Development Institute (ERDI) provides a unique opportunity for solution providers to present their products and services to a highly qualified panel of experts to receive feedback on their commodities. The objective is to work together with advisors to approach the primary challenges facing districts and educational institutions across the country, while engaging in valuable networking experiences throughout the event. “ERDI was a wonderful and unique opportunity to connect with educators and district leaders in a way that felt so much more collaborative than traditional conferences. The focus on building deep relationships, thinking together about ways to improve our solutions for schools, and learning from experts though each and every conversation was refreshing and powerful! As a solutions-provider, it is easy to feel like you need to constantly “sell” the value of your product, but ERDI truly held sacred a space for learning. I can see why vendors and superintendents alike appreciate returning each year.” -Jeanine Avjean, FEV Tutor Customer Success Manager.

The NAFEPA conference provides a collaborative and unique venue setup for their events; the exhibitors and attendees are all in one room together getting to watch the full docket of presentations. NAFEPA’s mission is to support the leadership and management of federal education in United States schools. The conference program aimed to provide qualified speakers presenting crucial coaching and information on a variety of topical issues about federal program resources and obstacles facing education budget allocation. Brandon Shiels, a fantastic team member at FEV, sums up NAFEPA by saying, “NAFEPA is a great conference that puts us in front of Federal Program Directors and other high-level administrators from across the country. We consistently have excellent turnout to our Happy Hour events, lending us an important opportunity to have in-depth discussions with administrators.

We at FEV Tutor are extremely grateful for these networking opportunities at national conferences. After a lull in event activity during COVID, we are feeling energized and renewed when approaching in-person conferences. We cannot wait to connect with even more dedicated and passionate educators at future conferences.