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Partner Spotlight: South Cobb High School, GA [Video]



This month FEV Tutor is pleased to feature South Cobb High School on the blog. Together with South Cobb's Assistant Principal, Candice Jimerson-Johnson, we lead a session at the National Title I Conference to showcase how SCHS utilizes FEV's services to innovate their school's Title I tutoring programs.

scobbvideo.jpgBelow please find the video we presented during our session. Watch to learn what South Cobb students, teachers, and administrators liked most about FEV Tutor's virtual tutoring services.

Virtual Tutoring at South Cobb High School:

South Cobb High School is an urban public, Title I school in the Cobb County School District just outside of Atlanta, Georgia. The administration at South Cobb High School chose to partner with FEV Tutor because they were looking for ways to maximize the services provided to students inside and outside of the school day, without adding additional staff or overburdening their teachers.

Virtual Tutoring was first introduced during the school day to struggling Math students to reinforce key learning objectives covered in the students' core classroom and to boost students' College and Career Ready Performance Index scores.

Watch the video below to learn what the experience was like for a 9th Grade Foundations of Algebra class: 

In addition to Ms. Aikhuele's math class, FEV supports an additional cohort of math learners at South Cobb High School. While Ms. Aikhuele has elected to offer all students in her class virtual tutoring during the same class period to cover learning objectives covered that week, another SCHS teacher offers FEV's tutoring a bit differently. This SCHS Math teacher has split her class so that half of her students visit a computer lab under the supervision of a SCHS para-professional to work 1-on-1 with their virtual tutors, while she is able to spend her time with the other half of the class delivering direct instruction. This allows her to focus on 15-20 students at a time rather than managing a class of 35-40 students. 

Based on the positive experience of South Cobb's students, teachers, and administration Dr. Hosey and Ms. Jimerson-Johnson are looking for ways to expand their virtual tutoring offerings this semester. The school is considering offering FEV tutoring to their In-School and Out-of-School Suspension students to prevent students from falling further behind during their time away from the classroom and is looking to expand tutoring services to cover additional Core Subject areas. 

We think that Principal Hosey summarizes FEV Tutor's unique approach to supplemental tutoring services best:

"If you're looking for innovative ways to try and service your students, this is one of these ways. A lot of the time we try and do the same thing over and over again hoping for different results. Well sometimes you have to change what you do. This is a way that will help your teachers without overburdening your teachers, but also help your students in a different way, in a platform they have not seen before."

-Dr. Ashley B. Hosey, Principal, South Cobb High School

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