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New Video: Math Intervention at Fulton County Schools, GA


Online Tutoring at Fulton County SchoolsIn November FEV Tutor was pleased to present at the EdTechTeacher Summit with Chris Shearer, Principal of Holcomb Bridge Middle School (HBMS) of Fulton County Schools. Principal Shearer and FEV's Director of Academics, Daniel Hebert, lead a session titled: Personalized Learning - A Story About Collaboration and Changing Outcomes for Students. As a part of the presentation, FEV Tutor premiered our latest Success Story video which showcases the impact FEV's tutoring had on HBMS struggling Math students and includes feedback from Holcomb Bridge administrators, teachers, and students. We've included the video in the blog post below!

Check out the Video Here:


Personalized Learning - A Story About Collaboration and Changing Outcome for Students

During the presentation, Chris Shearer shared how Holcomb Bridge decided to partner with FEV Tutor and the student achievement gains shown after just one year of tutoring. The school's decision to partner with FEV Tutor was part of a greater focus and emphasis on Personalized Learning.

HBMS students and teachers requested that 1:1 Tutoring be incorporated into the school's Personalized Learning initiative.  After determining that it wasn't going to be feasible to staff tutors on their own, Principal Shearer looked to FEV Tutor to deliver 1:1 Tutoring during the school day. 

Image: EdTechTeacher Summit - Personalized Learning SessionIn the 2016-17 Academic Year, the school focused on increasing their College and Career Ready Performance (CCRPI) Score for their rising (or bottom) third of students. Online tutoring was offered to 8th Grade students who did not achieve proficiency on their 7th Grade Math Georgia Milestones Assessment. The goal was to make sure students completed 8th grade on grade-level and better prepared for 9th Grade Algebra when starting high school.

Students met 1-on-1 with tutors during an intervention period and worked on skills identified by HBMS teachers to boost pre-Algebra skills.   

To view the slides from our presentation, visit:


Results: Growth on the Georgia Milestones

Students participating in FEV's Virtual Tutoring Program showed significant gains on their Georgia Milestone Assessment. These students initially identified for tutoring had scored at a beginning or developing level on their 2016 Milestone assessments. In 2017, 70% of participating students exceeded projected 7th to 8th grade gains on their Math Assessment and 30% of students grew by over 15 points from their 7th to 8th Grade assessments. 

The graph below shows gains attained across all students participating in the online tutoring program from their 2016 to 2017 Georgia Milestones Assessment. 


Stay tuned! In the 2017-18 Academic Year, Holcomb Bridge expanded the number of students served and the scope of the online tutoring program. We will publish the results from the second year of our partnership when they are ready. 

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