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Partner Spotlight: Measured Gains with AVID & Title I Students - Silverado High School [Video]


Last month FEV Tutor was honored to present at the National Title I Conference with Victor Valley Union High School District (VVUHSD). Together with Silverado High School Principal, Heather Conkle, we shared details of our partnership to drive measured gains for AVID and Title I Math students through live, 1-to-1 virtual tutoring.

Watch the video below to learn what lead the school to partner with FEV Tutor and to hear program highlights and results from Silverado students, teachers, and administrators. 

Virtual Tutoring at Silverado High School:

Silverado High School (SHS) partnered with FEV Tutor as part of the school's initiative to create a college going culture for all students, no matter their socioeconomic background. After collaborating closely with FEV's Education team, SHS administration identified two cohorts of students in the 2015-2016 academic year they believed would benefit the most from live, 1-to-1 Virtual Tutoring: 

  1. Integrated Math 1 Students -  After the introduction of more rigorous Math standards (California Content Standards), Victor Valley UHSD noticed an increased D & F rate among students, especially in Integrated Math 1 (IM1). Knowing that Integrated Math 1 (IM1) is an important gateway course and passing the course is a requirement to graduate, Principal Conkle implemented FEV's tutoring services during the school day once a week for her struggling IM1 students. The live, 1-on-1 tutoring offered teachers a way to individualize instruction for each student in the class and enabled students to master key learning objectives to help them boost their grades and pass their IM1 course to continue on their path to graduation. 61% of students who received 10 or more hours of tutoring improved their grades in IM1 compared to only 37% of students who did not participate in FEV's tutoring program.

  2. SAT Prep for AVID Students - As part of the school's college readiness program, FEV Tutor also worked with juniors enrolled in the AVID program to help prepare for the SAT exam. Students took a diagnostic exam at the beginning of the program and then met with tutors twice a week, during the school day to work on identified areas of need leading up to the exam in the Spring. The program was very successful and upcoming juniors in the 2016-2017 academic year specifically asked to continue the program after hearing the positive feedback from seniors. 

Watch the video below to learn more about the online tutoring programs delivered to IM1 & AVID students and the impact on student achievement:


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