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5 Ways to Use FEV Tutor in your Classroom


Welcome to FEV Tutor! Whether you're just getting started or you're a longtime partner, you may be wondering how you can engage students with Live 1:1 Online Tutoring in your classroom. Here's a place to start - check out these five ideas for ways that you can incorporate FEV Tutor into your classroom, curated for educators by our innovative Academic Success Team! 

1. Imbed targeted tutoring into your lessons.

After delivering your whole group lessons, students identified as needing 1 on 1 assistance can review the standard that was taught during class time and participate in supported practice with a tutor. This can occur while their peers work independently or in small groups. This format is perfect in classrooms that would benefit from the support of an additional adult!

2. Schedule weekly homework support.

Home support plays a vital role in student development, but families don’t always have the time or knowledge to assist their children with homework. Scheduling homework support for students ensures that all students get the help they need while removing a barrier to equity in education.

3. Utilize FEV’s tutoring as a Tier II intervention.

Once you provide us with students’ identified areas of need and current levels, our team will use that information to develop a learning plan and track growth. We know that interventionists are stretched thin, so providing 1:1 support along with tracking and analyzing data can feel impossible. As a Level 2 ESSA research and evidence-based intervention, we are here to help!

4. Include FEV tutoring as a resource for test prep.

Review is often beneficial prior to assessments, but with rigorous pacing guides, we know that carving out that time can be difficult. Our tutors can work with students to review study guides, go over previous assignments, and/or assist in skill practice.

5. Assign students to FEV for help with make-up work.

Students are missing more school than ever before, and in their already busy schedules, teachers often don’t have the time to reteach lessons and review materials. Our tutors can provide 1:1 support to help students catch up.

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If you are a current partner, reach out to your Academic Success Coach to learn more and discuss options for implementing any of these strategies at your school! Interested in partnering with FEV Tutor? Contact us to learn more today!