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5 Highly-Rated School Leadership Podcasts for K-12 Administrators


As an administrator, it can be hard to make time to sit down and read blogs, articles, and books that further your professional development and keep you up to date on important education news. Fortunately, we live in the golden age of the podcast, making it possible to listen to motivational and educational content while you’re doing other things, like commuting to school, completing organizational and administrative tasks, or making dinner at home.

Because anyone can make a podcast these days, there are countless options to choose from––but only a few offer worthwhile content for administrators. To help you filter through the saturated market of podcasts, we’ve created this list of five school leadership podcasts with great reviews and ratings. All of these podcasts are rated above 4.5 stars on Apple podcasts, so you can be sure they offer high-quality content!

From professional development to industry news, here are five highly-rated school leadership podcasts for administrators:

1. Better Leaders Better Schools - 4.8 stars ⭐
The Better Leaders Better Schools podcast is the number one downloaded podcast for school leaders. This series, created and hosted by Daniel Bauer, is centered around a conversation with a different leadership expert each week. These innovative and influential leaders––referred to as ‘ruckus makers’ by Bauer––are driving change in schools and districts across the country.

2. The EdSurge Podcast - 4.8 stars ⭐
This podcast offers weekly episodes that discuss how education is changing and what experts expect for the future of education. Jeff Young and other EdSurge reporters engage in frank and detailed conversations with education leaders, tech innovators, scholars, and more.

3. The Cult of Pedagogy - 4.8 stars ⭐
The Cult of Pedagogy is a rich and multi-faceted podcast filled with pedagogies, classroom management ideas, education reform news and updates, and edtech tools and resources. Host Jennifer Gonzalez interviews administrators, educators, students, and teachers to paint a picture of the psychological and social dynamics at schools, as well as trade secrets for educators and leaders.

4. House of #EdTech - 4.7 stars ⭐
This podcast, hosted by Christopher Nesi, explores the impacts of educational technology on teachers and education. Nesi has conversations with educators, leaders, and edtech creators about the technology that is shaping education. House of #EdTech also offers information and ideas to help guide educators as they implement, learn, and use new edtech tools.

5. Principal Matters - 4.7 stars ⭐
The Principal Matters podcast is hosted by accomplished speaker, leadership expert, and former principal William D. Parker. In this podcast, Parker provides motivation and insights into being a great school leader by revealing his school leadership strategies, insights from other leaders, and practical tips to help other leaders achieve their goals. By listening to this podcast, you can learn how to resolve conflicts, improve communication, develop your instructional abilities, and more.

Each of these highly-rated school leadership podcasts offers engaging and enriching content to provide administrators and other school leaders with the most up-to-date education news and professional development. By listening to these school leadership podcasts throughout your day, you can gain knowledge and inspiration while multitasking!