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Announcement: FEV Tutor is now part of the EdSurge Product Index & National Student Support Accelerator

FEV Tutor is excited to announce that educators can now find us on EdSurge Product Index & National Student Support Accelerator! Learn more about each of these innovative partnerships below:

Blog Images NSSA and EdSurge LogoEdSurge Product Index Beta

The International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE), a nonprofit organization focused on teaching technology in the classroom, and EdSurge, an education journalism initiative, have partnered to create the EdSurge Product Index Beta. This database features verified product profiles from trusted education and technology organizations. Educators can now search for up-to-date information on learning technology solutions that support teaching and learning. FEV Tutor is excited to be recognized as an innovative leader in the ed-tech community by joining the EdSurge Product Index Beta.

As an ISTE-registered certified product, FEV Tutor now has a Universal Learning Technology Identifier (ULTID). Our information is synchronized and shared across industry directories that educators use to make educated buying decisions regarding their tutoring needs. Making information about our Evidence-Based Tutoring Models easily accessible to educators looking to support their students with a high-impact tutoring program is central to our overall mission of closely collaborating with and empowering educators to make an impact on their students' achievement. 


Blog Images NSSA and EdSurge Logo (1)National Student Support Accelerator

FEV Tutor's 12 years of work in the high-impact tutoring space are rooted in a deep commitment to public education. We do this work through research-based best practices and always with outcomes and efficacy at the forefront. This is why we could not be more excited to be part of The National Student Support Accelerator database. 

This program of the Annenberg Institute at Brown University seeks to provide strategic advice for educators seeking avenues to implement research-based, high-impact tutoring opportunities for K-12 students in need. The platform features a research-backed database and tools designed to structure, execute, and scale high-quality, high-impact tutoring programs as forthrightly as possible. 

The work the National Student Support Accelerator does bring us closer to our mission of providing high-quality, online learning options to all students at all times. We are hoping to build a working relationship together, to share our research and knowledge of the Ed-Tech field.


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