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FEV Tutor Interviewed for the "On the Vendor Floor" Podcast


Earlier this month FEV Tutor's Vice President and Co-Founder, Ryan Patenaude, sat down with Melissa Emler  for an interview featured on Elmer's podcast, On the Vendor Floor.

Emler, the Director of Innovation at a regional education service agency in Wisconsin servicing 31 districts in the region, created On the Vendor Floor after attending ISTE 2015 and being overwhelmed by the sheer number of vendors in the Exhibit hall. According to Emler, "There were so many people, and I had a hard time engaging in meaningful conversations in that space." She went on to produce On the Vendor Floor as a way to connect entrepreneurs with educators across the country to enhance learning. And since educators can listen on their own time, it provides them the opportunity to sit-in on more meaningful conversations about innovative EdTech companies, products, and solutions available to support their learners.


In this thirty minute conversation, Ryan and Melissa dive into what FEV's virtual tutoring is all about; how we are different than other software companies or other face-to-face and online tutoring programs out there in the market; how we collaborate directly with schools and districts to align tutoring to student's core classroom, and much, much more. 

Emler was most impressed with FEV's innovative approach to tutoring, instead of waiting until a student is falling behind and having a parent jump in to find a tutor for his or her student, FEV's entry point is actually the school or the district. She liked our proactive approach of making virtual tutoring one part of the school's overall instructional strategy.  As a district administrator and former school administrator, Emler was also impressed that our close collaboration with teachers actually makes virtual tutoring another tool in the teacher's toolbox to provide students support that is tied back directly to the core classroom.

To listen to Emler's interview with Ryan, please click the icon below or visit: http://melissaemler.com/FEVtutor/ 

Be sure to subscribe to On the Vendor Floor to keep your eye out for new and exciting EdTech companies and products designed to enhance your students' learning.  You can also follow Elmer on Twitter: https://twitter.com/MelissaEmler


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