2015 National Assessment of Education Progress Assessment Results




In case you missed it, the 2015 National Assessment of Education Progress (NAEP) Assessment results were released in October. And for the first time in two decades we saw a dip in our 4th & 8th grade assessment scores. 

The NAEP Assessment is issued once every two years and only represents one data point from a nationally representative group of students. However, the fact that 4th and 8th Grade students are performing worse in math and slightly worse in reading compared to the results 2 years ago is likely due in part, amongst many other factors, to the  "curricular uncertainty" that exists today.

As William J. Bushaw, Executive Director of the National Assessment Governing Board, states "The majority of our schools are undergoing significant changes in how and what we teach our students. It is not unusual when you see lots of different things happening in classrooms to see a decline before you see improvement."

Many experts believe that the curriculum changes many districts were required to make to meet common core standards is behind the drop in assessment scores after an upward trend for the past two decades. According to the 2015 Math NAEP Assessment, only 40% of 4th graders were at or above the proficient level and 33% of 8th graders were at or above proficiency. In reading 36% of 4th graders and 34% of 8th graders were at or above the proficent level.

Since NAEP test items have been shown to have "reasonable" overlap with Common Core State Standards, this study does have special significance for states currently implementing the Common Core.

8th Grade Math NAEP Achievement Level Results:
Image: Trend in 8th Grade NAEP Math Achievement Results

Source: Education Week Blog

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