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How to Implement Online Tutoring in Summer School


Are you considering online tutoring as a means to help students achieve academic success this summer, but uncertain about where to start? FEV's Academic Success Coaches have been creating programs for years and have discovered several effective approaches to ensure students grow. If you're thinking about integrating online tutoring into your summer school program, here's a three-step strategy that you can adopt:

Phase 1: Determine School Sites and Structure

The first step is to clarify the summer school structure that will work best for your school district. Some important questions to consider:

  • Will your summer school be district-wide of school-based?
  • Will it be in-school only or hybrid?
  • How frequent will the sessions be?
  • Will you offer rotation stations?

By determining these factors, your program will be better equipped to provide students with the necessary support to succeed through online tutoring. After deciding on the structure, communicate the information to summer school leaders, and then proceed with outreach and awareness-building activities.

Phase 2: Leveraging Data to Drive Personalized Learning Plans

One of the most important determining factors for successful virtual tutoring is the creation of personalized learning paths. By tailoring the tutoring experience to the individual student's strengths, weaknesses, and interests, virtual tutors can better engage their learners and promote more meaningful learning. To help streamline this process, programs like FEV Tutor leverage state assessment data (e.g NWEA, STAR and iReady) to identify specific areas where students need support and then develop personalized learning plans based on that data. This approach helps to optimize the tutoring experience and ultimately leads to better academic outcomes.

Once IDPs are completed, it’s time to organize student schedules. A strong online tutoring vendor can be an enormous help here. At FEV, a dedicated member of our Academic Success Team works closely with school leadership to design an effective implementation.

Phase 3: Launch Day!

The most exciting phase is launch day! A great program launch is all about getting students excited and engaged from the start. By highlighting the program’s focus on priority standards and its ability to help students maximize their impact, school leaders can inspire a sense of curiosity and enthusiasm. With the ongoing academic support of the virtual online tutor, educators can feel confident that they have the resources and expertise needed to help every student succeed. Sharing that confidence and hope with the students during a fun and engaging launch day, leaders can ignite a passion for learning and set the stage for an exciting educational journey ahead!

Implementing online tutoring in your summer school program can be an effective way to provide personalized academic support to students who need it the most. By following the three-phase plan outlined above, you can successfully integrate online tutoring into your summer school program and make a positive impact on your students' academic success.