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3 Reasons to Implement Online Tutoring in Summer School


Summer school can be a great opportunity for students to catch up on missed coursework, get ahead on upcoming classes, or simply improve their academic skills. However, with limited time and resources, it’s difficult to deliver experiences that truly help students grow. Live online tutoring can be a viable solution to the summer school conundrum. Here are three reasons why:

Online tutoring prevents summer slide. By offering 1:1 support tailored to student’s specific needs, online tutoring  helps students build the skills that are most relevant for them. As a result, they are less likely to experience summer learning loss. The outcomes one FEV Tutor district achieved as a result of summer programs illustrates this point! Power users' NWEA scores grew during the summer, while their non-participating peers fell further behind.

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1:1 interactions boost student confidence. As students work to catch up on missed material or reinforce learning in a particular subject, 1:1 live interactions with their tutor can boost their confidence in their ability to learn and succeed. An individualized learning plan, coupled with positive reinforcement, allows students to master concepts at their own speed and feel confident in their academic abilities going into the new school year.

Virtual tutoring gives teachers a summer break. Teacher burnout and shortages are ongoing issues in the education system. Online high impact tutoring allows schools to provide academic support without over-taxing exhausted teachers.  This can help address teacher burnout and shortages by providing a more sustainable approach to delivering education.

Make the most of the summer by implementing live 1:1 high impact tutoring. Through acceleration, reteaching, and intervention, online tutoring can help students achieve academic success and build confidence for the upcoming school year. Schedule a time to meet with us today to learn how our programs will set you up for success!