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Raising the Bar for Benchmark Assessment Integration


Drive Learning Outcomes with Collaborative, Data-Driven Approach 

With a goal of delivering the highest quality tutoring services to every student, FEV Tutor is proud to partner with many of the nation’s leading education testing organizations who share our commitment to catalyzing student growth. Several of these partners offer assessment data integrations, which FEV Tutor uses to inform personalized learning plans for each of our students. 



Strategic Assessment Partners

FEV Tutor integrates with NWEA MAP, iReady, and Renaissance Star 360 to leverage important benchmark assessment data to inform our supplemental tutoring instruction. At FEV Tutor, we know that analyzing data makes our tutoring more targeted and allows us to track the benchmark growth impact of our students relative to non-participants. Using this robust data, we can showcase the results that matter most to our district partners and all stakeholders.

NWEA: FEV Tutor is one of 20+ Instructional Connections of NWEA MAP. This partnership is a formal technical integration. Partners can click one button and share MAP data at scale with FEV Tutor, built into your platform.

i-Ready: FEV Tutor has a formal partnership with Curriculum Associates. District partners can request a data share with FEV Tutor through a secure SFTP site. This connection provides us with new, ongoing data to analyze results and to better personalize our student learning plans.

Renaissance Star 360: As an approved Renaissance Learning partner, we connect with STAR 360 data on scale from school districts. By one simple request, Renaissance Learning will share SFTP data on an ongoing basis.

Customized Program Design 

Starting on day one of our partnership, we work in close collaboration with educators to design an effective program that allows for rapid deployment of support. We use each student’s education data to create research-based programs aligned with your organization’s academic goals and seamlessly integrate programs into the learning ecosystem. 

This approach empowers teachers to activate scalable, data-driven instruction quickly and easily.

FEV Tutor assigns an Academic Success Coach (ASC) to meet with leaders at the district and school levels to design a custom implementation model. The ASC is responsible for managing and delivering a personalized tutoring program designed to accomplish academic goals.

Real-Time Feedback, Measurable Impact 

As students engage with our tutors, we provide stakeholders with frequent achievement reports, tutor feedback, snapshot summaries, and identify trends. This real-time feedback empowers teachers and tutors to make informed instructional decisions. 

To learn how a partnership with FEV Tutor improves academic growth and drives student learning, schedule a demonstration here