Partner Spotlight: Measured Gains with AVID & Title I Students - Silverado High School [Video]

Posted by Caitlin Powers on Mar 14, 2017 12:27:41 PM

Last month FEV Tutor was honored to present at the National Title I Conference with Victor Valley Union High School District (VVUHSD). Together with Silverado High School Principal, Heather Conkle, we shared details of our partnership to drive measured gains for AVID and Title I Math students through live, 1-to-1 virtual tutoring.

Watch the video below to learn what lead the school to partner with FEV Tutor and to hear program highlights and results from Silverado students, teachers, and administrators. 

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Family & Student Engagement

Posted by Caitlin Powers on May 24, 2016 12:02:46 PM


While there are many options available to schools and districts to provide students supplemental tutoring support, few companies are able to offer the same level of Parent Involvement that FEV Tutor delivers our partners. We understand that by including parents, students, and teachers in the planning process and keeping all parties informed throughout the student's journey, FEV can deliver impactful virtual tutoring solutions that make a tangible difference on student achievement.

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Introducing Blend & Extend Tutoring

Posted by Caitlin Powers on May 16, 2016 11:46:13 AM


We're happy to announce our newest virtual tutoring model: Blend & Extend! FEV created this new tutoring model after speaking to many of our partners who were looking for a way to offer their students scheduled targeted tutoring during academic programming and offer students live, 1-to-1 support outside of the school day for homework help, course support, and more. 

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FEV Tutor Interviewed for the "On the Vendor Floor" Podcast

Posted by Caitlin Powers on Feb 23, 2016 12:45:14 PM


Earlier this month FEV Tutor's Vice President and Co-Founder, Ryan Patenaude, sat down with Melissa Emler  for an interview featured on Elmer's podcast, On the Vendor Floor.

Emler, the Director of Innovation at a regional education service agency in Wisconsin servicing 31 districts in the region, created On the Vendor Floor after attending ISTE 2015 and being overwhelmed by the sheer number of vendors in the Exhibit hall. According to Emler, "There were so many people, and I had a hard time engaging in meaningful conversations in that space." She went on to produce On the Vendor Floor as a way to connect entrepreneurs with educators across the country to enhance learning. And since educators can listen on their own time, it provides them the opportunity to sit-in on more meaningful conversations about innovative EdTech companies, products, and solutions available to support their learners.

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In case you missed it...FEV's virtual tutoring was featured in the OLC Online Learning Journal!

Posted by Caitlin Powers on Feb 16, 2016 3:17:33 PM

We're excited to announce that this winter the Peer Review Journal,
Online Learning Consortium Online Learning Journal  Volume 19, Issue 5 - December 2015, included a third party efficacy study on FEV's Virtual Tutoring Services written by Shanan Chappell, Pamela Arnold, John Nunnery, and Melva Grant of Old Dominion University! 

This was a special issue of Online Learning which focused on bringing additional rigor and research in K-12 Online Learning to examine both what is not working in K-12 online settings and to "investigate and report instances of effective policy and practice in K-12 Online and surrounding settings such as K-12 blended classrooms or online learning for non K-12 students (Lokey-Vega & Barbour)." 

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Partner Spotlight: South Cobb High School, GA [Video]

Posted by Caitlin Powers on Feb 2, 2016 10:43:23 AM


This month FEV Tutor is pleased to feature South Cobb High School on the blog. Together with South Cobb's Assistant Principal, Candice Jimerson-Johnson, we lead a session at the National Title I Conference to showcase how SCHS utilizes FEV's services to innovate their school's Title I tutoring programs.

Below please find the video we presented during our session. Watch to learn what South Cobb students, teachers, and administrators liked most about FEV Tutor's virtual tutoring services.

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Partner Spotlight: Santa Ana Unified School District, CA

Posted by Caitlin Powers on Dec 18, 2015 10:04:22 AM


This month FEV Tutor is proud to profile our partnership with Santa Ana Unified School District in sunny Southern California! 

In Early December FEV Tutor and Santa Ana administrators worked together to launch a virtual tutoring program to support five of the district's Intermediate Schools. FEV is tutoring students during the school day, after school as part of an Extended Learning Program, and at home on evenings and weekends for identified SAUSD students. 

We are especially excited to share details of this partnership, as Santa Ana USD offers an innovative and forward thinking approach to personalized learning.

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Looking Ahead: FEV's Technology Improvements in 2016

Posted by Caitlin Powers on Dec 16, 2015 5:30:22 PM

Reflections on 2015

As mentioned in our previous post, 2015 was a record breaking year for FEV Tutor in terms of the number of virtual tutoring sessions delivered. However, this year also marked another important milestone: this summer FEV Tutor released our own HTML5 native interactive whiteboard

FEV's new proprietary whiteboard includes a number of enhancements from our previous versions and has helped FEV to improve the quality of our virtual tutoring! We are excited to announce FEV will also be releasing a new and improved iPad App in the first quarter of 2016 and introducing a series of upgrades to the FEV Tutoring Portal throughout the course of the New Year. 

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The Year in Review - 2015 by the Numbers [Infographic]

Posted by Caitlin Powers on Dec 8, 2015 2:04:39 PM

With the New Year just around the corner, we here at FEV Tutor wanted to pause for a moment and reflect on what has been an exciting year for the company.

With a few weeks of tutoring still left in 2015, we are pleased to announce that FEV Tutor broke our record of number of virtual tutoring sessions delivered in one calendar year! This year we have tutored over 4,000 students from our k-12 partner schools who participated in over 50,000 virtual tutoring sessions!

During each virtual tutoring session, students met 1-on-1 with their own personal tutor to bridge skill gaps, prepare for high stakes exams, review homework assignments, and much more. As a result, students showed an average of 30% improvement in student achievement gains (pre-test to Exit Ticket) across all core subjects. 

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FEV Success Story: Camden County High School

Posted by Caitlin Powers on Nov 19, 2015 11:56:28 AM


FEV Tutor is proud to partner with Camden County High School, an innovative and forward thinking school in Georgia. FEV currently tutors CCHS students during the school day, after school, and at home/evenings in both Math and ELA to bridge skill gaps and to help prepare students for their End of Course and Graduation Exams.

However, our partnership started much smaller in scale. Camden County High School administrators wished to pilot FEV's 1-to-1 virtual tutoring services to prove the concept and efficacy before rolling tutoring out to a larger student population.

In the Fall of 2014, FEV tutored a range of 29 struggling math students to prepare for their Analytic Geometry End of Course Test (EOCT) in December. Based on the success of this pilot 62% of participants passed their EOCT and CCHS administrators decided to expand our virtual tutoring support.

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