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How FEV Tutor Supports the Gradual Release of Responsibility Model


Whether students are learning new concepts or reviewing familiar ones, it can often feel intimidating to jump right into a tutoring session. That's why all FEV Tutor sessions are structured using the Gradual Release of Responsibility (GRR) model. FEV Tutor is able to support and build upon this confidence by establishing clear expectations and a consistent tutoring format, which ultimately empowers students to learn practice, and master skills and concepts!

So what does the Gradual Release of Responsibility consist of? Three vital steps to set students up for independent success.

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Step #1: I DO

It’s time to learn! In the “I Do” portion of a session, the tutor demonstrates and explains how to achieve mastery of the day’s learning objective. Time is made for students to watch the tutor work through an example and absorb new information. Students will gather necessary information that they will then use when solving the concept independently.


Step # 2: WE DO

Let’s practice together! In the “We Do” portion of the session, the tutor guides the student using the processes previously demonstrated. This allows for a deeper level of learning to develop, as students have an opportunity to be hands-on. Our tutors are there to assist and provide positive reinforcement. While the student is working through example problems the tutor will spot correct if a student runs into any challenges and will help guide them back to the correct answer by prompting them with questions. The student will continue to work through problems until they can complete the problem independently. This step is critical in helping the student build their confidence with the concept at hand.



Now it’s time to put the learning into action! In the “You Do” portion of a session, the student demonstrates their initial understanding through independent practice. Tutors observe the student’s work and thought process to provide support if needed.



Each session concludes with an Exit Ticket. Students work independently on a series of questions so tutors can gauge their level of mastery of the skill/concept. Tutors grade Exit Tickets on the spot and provide the student with instant feedback.