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It Pays to be an FEV Tutor Partner!

Did you know that FEV Tutor has an ongoing Rewards Program? We understand how valuable classroom time is and we hold ourselves accountable for making the most of students' time. To help everyone stay on track and recognize students and teachers for putting in the time necessary to make an impact on student achievement, we've created our own Rewards Program. 

Below, please find details of various rewards that FEV Tutor offers to all our brick and mortar partner schools. Along with these set rewards, FEV Tutor has additional contests throughout the year. For more info, follow FEV Tutor on social media for all contest announcements! 

1. Share your Launch Day Experience

Rewards for Online Tutoring Social ShareYour online tutoring program launch can be an exciting day. You are empowering students to grow as self-advocate as they work independently with their tutor. At the same time, each student is receiving 1:1 instruction that is personalized to their academic needs and learning style preferences.

In order to help build excitement and allow students to feel as though they are participating in something special, we encourage teachers to photograph their student’s first day of tutoring and post to social media. If you tag FEV Tutor in your social posts, we’ll reward you with a $20 Amazon Gift Card.

2. Monthly Student Participation Contests

participation-poointsResearch shows that students are most successful when they are actively engaged in their learning process. It is for this reason that FEV utilizes Participation Points in every online tutoring session. As students work through their lessons, tutors award students points for asking and answering questions, explaining their reasoning, and demonstrating higher level thinking skills. This immediate feedback allows students to take responsibility for their own academic progress.

As an additional layer of motivation, FEV Tutor provides teachers the tools to run monthly Participation Point contests. Teachers have ultimate control on how winners are selected and points can all be tracked in FEV's Admin Portal. We provide each class three $5 Target Gift Cardto award to monthly participation point leaders.  This ongoing competition helps to keep students engaged for the duration of the online tutoring program.  

Make sure you follow FEV Tutor on Social Media!

We'll be announcing additional contests throughout the year! 

3. Power Teachers can Earn Gift Cards each Semester

power-usersFEV Tutor has created a small incentive plan to reward the teacher at each partner school site that utilizes the most tutoring hours! Each semester FEV Tutor will reward one teacher at your school with a $25 Amazon Gift Card! 

We've seen that students who participate in 15-25 hours of FEV tutoring demonstrate the most gains. To help encourage teachers to get to this benchmark, we are happy to provide this small reward. It is also meant to thank teachers for allowing us to utilize their valuable classroom time throughout the school year.

4. Share Student Data and Feedback for Class Parties

pizzaFEV wants to hear from you and your students! To help you share honest and candid feedback, we have created online feedback surveys. Your feedback allows FEV Tutor to improve the quality of our tutoring services. 

We also ask schools to share end of year student data, including interim benchmark assessments and scores on state assessments. This allows FEV Tutor to conduct an impact analysis to examine the effect our tutoring had on your students' performance. 

Each class will be rewarded with a Pizza Party if we receive end of year data and feedback surveys from the teacher and at least 50% of the participating students.

Questions About FEV's Rewards Program? 

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