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Make the Most of Your High-Impact Tutoring Program


By offering tutoring services at your school, you can support struggling students and accelerate student achievement. Many students receive live, 1:1 tutoring virtually, so without the right approach, features, and support from your tutoring partner, your school’s students might be missing out on the opportunity to drive significant academic gains.

By choosing a partner that offers an accessible pathway to data-driven learning through data, support teams, and custom tutoring for every student, you can ensure you’re making the most of your school’s high-dosage tutoring program. FEV Tutor provides all of these features and more, focusing on a high-impact tutoring program that provides efficacy through support, data, family and student engagement, and personalized tutoring.

Here are four keys to making the most of your high-impact tutoring program:

1. Let Data Inform Every Step of Your Approach

Make the most of your tutoring program by collecting and analyzing student and district achievement data, then using that information to influence your tutoring approach. First and foremost, leverage existing student data to develop a customized, high-impact tutoring program for your school, considering your school’s initiatives, goals, and core learning pathways.

Once your tutoring program is up and running, FEV Tutor’s internal data team captures and analyzes data, sharing easy-to-read student achievement reports, commentary from tutors, raw data, snapshot summaries, and recent trends.  Access to this data in real time empowers teachers to make informed instructional decisions.

2. Create a Customized Program to Fit Your Students' Needs

Considering the specific needs of your students and district is crucial to make the most of your high-impact tutoring program. Tutoring interventions target struggling students, but all students can benefit from the supplemental support of a personalized tutoring program.

FEV Tutor works with our partners to create a personalized learning plan for every student. We fit the diverse needs of every student population, including student athletes, in-school and out-of-school suspension students, special education students, and the rest of your student community. A high-impact tutoring program can help close the gap for students who are struggling and need the additional support, while helping to accelerate learning for other students.

3. Deliver Evidence-Based, High Impact Tutoring

Evidence-based, high-impact tutoring programs can accelerate learning gains for a wide variety of students, helping them attain significant academic growth. Research supports the efficacy of high-impact tutoring, which consistently demonstrates the positive effects that tutoring interventions have on student learning. Ensuring that your tutors are delivering evidence-based, high-impact tutoring is key to making the most of your tutoring program.

As an evidence-based intervention, high-impact tutoring is used to supplement––not replace––students’ classroom learning experiences. A variety of components play into a successful high-impact tutoring program, including a specified time commitment, alignment with the curriculum, and student progress monitoring.

4. Engage Families to Improve Academic Outcomes

The National Education Association has reported that high levels of home engagement correlate with student achievement, social-emotional wellness, and attendance.  These positive outcomes were found across all socioeconomic backgrounds.

To ensure you’re making the most of your school’s tutoring program, it’s important to develop a productive partnership with families. This partnership should include the introduction and explanation of tutoring services available to students, regular updates and communications, 24/7 family support, and regular student progress reports. When families are engaged, students get more out of your school’s tutoring program, and all stakeholders benefit.

Make the most out of your high-impact tutoring program with FEV Tutor! Learn more about our award-winning approach that drives positive learning outcomes by getting in touch with us.