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Key Qualities for High-Dosage Tutoring: A Checklist for Sizing Up Providers



According to research from the Annenberg Institute, high-dosage tutoring continues to be one of the most effective methods in addressing student learning. School districts continue to be affected by the pandemic’s interrupted schooling along with unfilled teacher positions.

To fill in these gaps, schools resort to online tutoring programs to address learning loss and increase student achievement. It’s no surprise, in a randomized study of 96 instructional models, “tutoring programs consistently lead to large improvements in learning outcomes for students.” With the amount of online tutoring programs available to school districts, administrators must discern and evaluate which high-dosage tutoring program will drive their students’ achievement rates.

Here are some of the key qualities to consider when choosing a high-dosage tutoring partner: 

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1:1 tutoring sessions create the most individualized learning experience, serving one student at a time. This encourages more questions and risk-taking, and it produces greater student outcomes.
Headshots (11) Integrated
Seamless integrations with the districts’ current learning management systems leverage and support district-level capacity.
Headshots (11) Frequent
Most effective tutoring programs include 3-4 tutoring sessions/week to yield the best results and build a proactive approach to learning objectives.
Headshots (11) Qualified
To promote district goals, tutors are subject matter experts with college degrees, teaching and/or tutoring experience, extensive training, and ongoing support.
Headshots (11) Proven
Measurable results demonstrate tutoring’s impact on student achievement. Data confirms the positive effects of tutoring.

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