How High Impact Tutoring Helps Students Who Have Fallen Behind Catch Up To Their Grade Level In Mere Months

“We're sitting on a goldmine of data here because, through collaboration between tutoring providers, research organizations, and benchmark assessment companies, we have a massive data set that is providing interesting insights and trends as it relates to high-impact tutoring as a way to unlock student growth and to eliminate systemic inequities in k12 education." Daniel Hebert

Every k12 district administration understands students are behind. The data speaks for itself.

And if data points are districts' one true currency, what do the metrics of high-impact tutoring have to say?

On November 6, 2023, FEV Tutor hosted an EdWeb webinar exploring the nationwide high-impact tutoring initiative. Erin Devers, a social psychologist, educator, and founder of JoinIn Ventures, and Daniel Hebert, VP of Product and Impact at FEV Tutor, examined key insights and analysis of data gathered from 98,000 students who participated in FEV Tutor's programs across 283 school districts during AY 2022-23.

The session reviewed the following:

Historical Context

There's no denying the stark disparities in educational access and quality across economic divides. Data shows underfunded districts lag significantly, leaving students weeks, if not months, behind in core subjects like math and reading.

Trend vs. Reality

While macro-level data showed small gains pre-COVID-19, the pandemic erased years of progress in mere months. This educational inequity isn't just a trend—it's a lived reality for countless students whose future access to college and career opportunities hangs in the balance.

The Mechanics of HIT

Unlike traditional tutoring or on-demand tutoring, high-impact tutoring (HIT) is a finely tuned strategy. HIT includes personalized sessions, informed by extensive data and benchmarks like NWEA, STAR, and iReady, which occur multiple times a week. Ideally, these sessions take place during school hours, for a more significant effect.

Why HIT Works

HIT isn't just personalized; it's seamlessly integrated with the curriculum and the school day. Students experience familiarity and relevance in their learning, which is bolstered by a solid tutor-student relationship.

2022-2023 Findings

To catch students up, teachers must cover 150% of a typical year's material, which isn't feasible even for the most expert teachers. However, by incorporating HIT tutoring through FEV, they can meet, and even exceed, these targets. Data suggests that with FEV's approach, a 1.46-grade-level improvement is attainable—putting students firmly on the path to recovery.

Through FEV's strategic tutoring, we are not just inching towards restoration but paving a robust pathway out of learning loss. We have a solution at hand—a high-impact tutoring model that promises to be districts' partners in the educational recovery process.

Navigating the High-Impact Tutoring Landscape: Q&A Highlights


My district is looking for tutors now. Where can we get tutors?

In the face of teacher shortages, it may be more challenging than ever for parents and districts to find qualified tutors. 

FEV's Tutors are our superpower. Our highly-qualified tutors have bachelor’s degrees, receive FBI fingerprinting and background checks and are subject matter specialists. They undergo multi-week training, ongoing coaching and professional development.

We’ve helped large districts like Baltimore City Schools or Jefferson County Public Schools tutor tens of thousands of students daily.

Effectiveness of On-Demand Tutoring 

Is on-demand tutoring effective?

In general, on-demand tutoring tends to be used by students who are above or on grade level. It's not an effective strategy for closing achievement gaps. 

High-Impact Tutoring Best Practices

What is the ideal length of time for a tutoring session? How many times a week should students meet with their tutor?

While best practices can vary based on student age and grade level, FEV Tutor's data from 98,000 students shows that districts should aim for 2-4 sessions per week, with each session lasting between 30-45 minutes.

High-Impact Tutoring Implementation

What are the typical pitfalls that could lead to ineffective tutoring? 

Tutoring implementation can be heavily prescriptive on the front end, but then it often relaxes. 

This is a problem, as open-ended tutoring starts to gravitate towards on-demand tutoring. Some aspects, like organic usage, are inherently positive within that model. However, tutoring needs to be more intentional for students below grade level.

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