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How to Give Your Teachers Greater Capacity with Online Tutoring


It is no secret that the teacher workforce is changing. Even with an overflowing plate of tasks and a never-ending list of responsibilities, teachers show up every day and work their hardest to give every student the opportunity to learn. They do this because they care very deeply about the well-being and success of their students – a passion that is incredibly admirable and respectable. And yet, it’s no secret that quality teaching often cuts into personal time. So what can we do to help add a few more hours back into a teacher’s busy day? 

How can we support teachers so that the majority of their time can be spent creating a positive and equitable learning environment for their students? Offering educators effective and innovative tools, like supplemental tutoring, can add capacity to teachers by enhancing the amazing work they already do.

Here's how tutoring expands the capacity for teachers:

1. Tutoring can be used to support students working independently and in small groups

As class sizes continue to grow, it is harder to individualize learning. However, by implementing tutoring in the classroom either in a small group setting (3:1) or individually, teachers can instantly expand their access to each student. Tutoring provides targeted learning opportunities for each student so that they can receive the attention/instruction they need but can’t always get in a busy classroom setting. Bringing tutoring into the classroom not only provides flexibility for the teacher but also guarantees each student the learning experience they deserve.

2. Tutoring is powerful when teachers receive the proper training and support

An important step in providing capacity to teachers is setting them up for success to instruct and guide their students effectively with the innovative tools used in their classroom. Teachers must fully comprehend the why, how, when and what of the technology they’re using. The right tutoring service will train teachers on the ins and outs of their program – including technology because quality tutoring works WITH teachers. This will allow teachers to feel empowered to own the tutoring and encouraged to use it in their own way.

3. Tutoring can provide teachers with qualitative and quantitative data to help inform classroom instruction 

Teachers constantly check understanding through formal and informal assessments. A good tutoring program will provide teachers with some sort of qualitative or quantitative data that helps inform their classroom instruction. Access to data in real-time empowers teachers to make informed instructional decisions as part of their daily routine. Easy-to-understand progress updates provide insight for educators to track student acceleration and measure evidence of tutoring effectiveness.

4. Tutoring provides a positive learning experience for students

When rewards are given throughout tutoring sessions - learning will be fun for students. With constant positive reinforcement and praise that they may not always get in a large classroom setting, students will gain confidence as they begin to better understand the concepts they are progressing in their individualized learning plans. Students are also matched up with the same consistent tutor, allowing students to build positive relationships with educators.  Teachers can rest assured knowing their students are in good hands with tutors who provide a positive learning experience.

5. Tutoring enables high-performing students to reach their full potential 

Some students with a large class size may feel like they need more of a challenge and cannot reach their full learning potential. Tutoring allows students who are ready to go to the next level to feel challenged and accelerate at their own pace. Tutoring plans provide instruction at the student level, which sometimes a teacher may not always have the capacity to do with large class sizes.

6. Teachers can leave work knowing their students are still getting the help they need when they leave school

Teachers' workloads can be overwhelming as they constantly have to bring work home with them or respond to parents who have questions once their students get home. Research suggests that the most effective tutoring programs are ones that incorporate some kind of family and student engagement team. Having a targeted support model that can be pre-scheduled and delivered after school or at home can help ease teachers' workloads as they know their students will continue to be challenged when they leave their classroom.

It is important to come up with solutions for teacher shortages and larger class sizes. Giving capacity to your teachers is an important part of being a district leader. Happy teachers inspire students which leads to a better learning environment for everyone. If you’re looking for a tutoring program that can support teachers and other educators, contact us today to learn more.